Grants – Merrill Laurentz reminded members that all information and applications are on our website this year.  There will not be a direct mailing to those wishing to apply.

Scholarships – Brenda Eubank announced that there were 18 applicants for the annual scholarship awards.  9 were interviewed and 6 selected to receive an award.  $10,730 was available in the scholarship fund and $10,500 was awarded.  The recipients will be presented at the June meeting.

Revision to the Bylaws – Mary Ann Raesener discussed the recommended bylaw amendments with members (distributed via email prior to the meeting).  Merrill Laurentz requested that the date for Grant applications should be removed or adjusted to state August 1st.  Approval of the bylaw amendments will be voted on in June.

Newly Approved Officers – Brenda Eubank presented the new slate of officers and ask for a vote of approval.  Mary Ann Fletcher made the motion to approve and it was seconded by Barb Robertson.  The officers were approved and will be sworn in at the June meeting.  2017-1018 Officers:  President, Carolyn Richmond; Vice President, Kathy Kasparek-Nicholl; Secretary, Pat Bentley; Treasurer, Cheryl Webb; Treasurer (in training), Kay Dee Hughes.

Next Meeting - June 14, 2017

Jim and Ellen Hower gave a presentation on The Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASPS) and their contribution to the 2nd World War.

Golf Tournament – The annual Charity “for ladies only” Golf Tournament was a big success.  Carolyn Richmond recognized all committee chairs and thanked the chairs and other members that served as volunteers for the event.  Final accounting is not in yet but will be announced soon.  A Golf Tournament Celebration and Thank You Event will be held on Monday, June 5th at 5:30 at the home of Pat Bentley.  An email will be sent with additional details.

New Member Wine and Cheese Party – A new member Wine and Cheese party, for members joining since January,  will be held on Monday, May 22nd at 5:30pm at the home of Barb Robertson.

May 2017 Meeting

From L-R: Cheryl Webb, Pat Bentley, Kathy Nicholl and Carolyn Richmond