Basically, we help our communities.

We volunteer our time and talents.     We raise money.     We share our hearts.       As our communities have grown, so have the needs.  The Highland Lakes Service League continues to try to meet these needs and make a real difference for the good in the lives of others.

FUND-RAISING:  Money for our grants to area non-profits and for scholarship comes through two major fund-raisers.

Our main fund-raiser is the "For Ladies Only" Charity Golf Tournament, held the last Saturday in April.  It is our largest fund -raiser and provides the majority of the funds for the League's grants to area non-profits.  Both members and non-members form teams, pay their entry fees, and have a great day or golfing ... with a goal.    The April 2016 tournament cleared $$21,740.  At least five thousand dollars of this sum is held in reserve for our Scholarships, which are awarded by application and selection to adult women, generally those returning to school to complete their educations.

This year we will be holding the Silent Auction and Golf Tournament Kick-Off party in January, with the proceeds going to our Scholarship Fund.

At Christmastime, we also participate in the popular "Walkway of Lights" in Marble Falls, selling hot chocolate, apple cider, coffee and cookies to viewers of the Walkway.  Last year, our booth made a profit of  $2,000, which we will use to supplement our grants donation in the coming year. 

THE BOTTOM LINE:  Over the past nine years, the Service League has raised and distributed more than $175,000 to charities in the Highland Lakes area.  That is the money part. 

VOLUNTEERISM:  The volunteer part is just as impressive.  Typically our members will volunteer more than 4,000 hours each year to many non-profit organizations in our communities.  You'll see League members at A Place of Hope, Children's Day in the Park, Elder Care Fair, The Helping Center, and at many other area charities. 

 We also host a special event the first Friday in December:  It's the Holiday Party for Special Friends, and it holds a special place in our hearts. In this event, the "Ladies in Red" -- that what our guests have come to call us! -- have been making sure our friends in the Mental Health community have a very Merry Christmas, by hosting a party for them with food and soft drinks that we provide and with cookies provided by the Burnet County Courthouse employees.  The party is complete with fabulous music (thanks to K-BEY's super music man, Ben), dancing, face tattooing, other fun events for our guests, and the best ... a visit from Santa! 

 If you'd like to help us do what we do, come join us!