*Not Pictured is Kristi Nicholson who is working towards her Education degree at Texas State University with a specialty in Special Education.

Summer Payne is working towards Clinical Mental Health degree on line at Lamar University

Stephanie Hall is working towards an RN Associates degree through Galen College of Nursing in San Antonio

Shay Cantrell is working towards her Associates degree in Nursing at Central Texas College

HLSL 2017 Scholarship Winners

Misty Daniel is working towards an Criminal Justice and Social work degree at Texas State University

Scholarships were presented at the Junes meeting. From L-R  the recipients were Stephanie Hall, Summer Payne, Shay Cantrell, Kelsie Denson and Misty Daniel. Not Pictured is Kristi Nicholson. Each candidate was presented with a check to assist in furthering their education.

Kelsie Denson is working towards a Guidance Counseling degree on line at Angelo State University