Charity "Chuck Wagon Chow Down and Auction" to be held January 24, 2019 at Lakeside Pavilion

Below is a donation letter to help explain our purpose (Proceeds will benefit our Scholarship Fund) and a donation form that you can download and use. Be sure to print 2 copies of the donation form (one for the donor and one for our records)

To Print any or all these forms, simply click on the form and it should open a new window where you will be able to print or download it.

Our Two Main Fundraisers are our Charity Live Auction and our "For Ladies Only" Charity Golf Tournament.

This year's Auction is scheduled for Thursday, January 24, 2019 Lakeside Pavilion, and our "For Ladies Only" Golf Tournament" is set for Saturday, April 27, 2019.  

The Charity "Chuck Wagon Chow Down" & Auction"

will benefit the HLSL Scholarship program, which provides scholarships to adult women who wish to further their education and grants to non-profit organizations. 

This is a wonderful opportunity to support a worthy cause.