The Scholarship Committee presented the scholarships to six recipients this year. From L to R: Pam Rogers and Pam Parsons, Scholarship Chairwomen introduced the recipients, Stephanie Hall, Jennifer Cowfer, Mary Seaman and Chelsea Webb. Not pictured Misty Daniels and Summer Payne.

June 2018 Meeting

The officers were thanked and presented flowers by Betty Cruikshank. Pictures from L to R:  Kay Dee Hughes, Treasurer, Kathy Kasperek-Nicholl, Vice President, Carolyn Richmond, President. and Betty Cruikshank.

Linda Baker gave the Inspiration 

‚ÄčInstalling our new Officers for the 2018-19 year was Annette Ussary (Right). They are: (from left to right)Treasurer, Kay Dee Hughes, Vice President, Kathy Kasparek-Nicholl and  President-Carolyn Richmond. Not pictured is Secretary- Pat Bentley.