The Inspiration was given by Heather Selepec.

She read a poem by Audrey Hepburn on the beauty of a woman.

May 2019 Meeting

The Nominating Committee presented the slate of officers for the coming year. The motion was approved and the following officers will be sworn in at the June Meeting.
President: Heather Selepec, Vice President - D. J. Yowes, Secretary - Suzanne Hays, not pictured, Treasurer – Kay Dee Hughes 

Deb Bennett, and Judy Salvaggio gave a wrap-up of the Golf Tournament.  We had beautiful weather and 17 teams that played in the tournament. There were 4 platinum sponsors with $1,000 signs and 17 new sponsors. $20,180 was collected for sign advertising and $1,100 on the silent auction. They thanked all the committee and subcommittees that helped the tournament run so smoothly.  Please begin networking for next year’s tournament.

Marble Falls Assistant City Manager, Caleb Kraenzel gave us updates on what’s going on in Marble Falls:
• Marble Falls’ pool is closing for the summer and they are directing people to the Burnet pools, especially the Burnet YMCA.
• Construction at the Pavilion is continuing and should be finished by August, including the walkway along the river front.
• Boat races are coming back.
• Two of the three boat ramps are able to be used.
• They hope to stabilize the bank of the river that runs through Johnson Park.
• The FEMA manager for Marble Falls has been appointed, so work can begin on infrastructure of water plant waste water facilities.

• The city has assigned a coordinator for the parks and recreation programs which will help with organization of services.
• Huber facility cannot expand so they are hoping they will relocate.
• Cougar sighting in Marble Falls. 


Co-Chair of the Scholarship committee, Pam Rogers and Pam Parsons, reported they had 16 applicants for the 2019 scholarships.  They will interview 8 of these applicants next week.  

Dates of Note:
5/9 New Member/Golf Wrap-up Party at Deb Bennett’s home from 5-7pm
5/11 USPS Non-perishable food Drive
5/21 Burnet County Hunger Alliance Summer Meals Project training. A flyer was passed out at the meeting giving dates and instructions.  If interested contact Pam Rodgers –