•  The fragrant aroma in the Marble Falls area in the early part of the week was Brenda Eubank and her team cooking up playdough.  Yes, ladies you can make your own playdough.  Thanks to these ladies the Phoenix Center now has special aromatherapy playdough to use in therapy sessions for their young clients.

•  Finally, we have one very important project that is coming up late this week.  Cheryl Webb will lead a two-day event to serve clients of the Candlelight Ranch, including helping with meal service and assisting with a camper scavenger hunt.  More to report on this at the April meeting.

We finished up our Community Service projects with the painting of the Highview Retirement Community Center. From L to R, Wanda Kaufman, Kathy Nicholl, Kathy Savage, Kathy Stahl and Mary Kay Otto are prepping the room before painting.

Wanda working hard painting walls at the Highview Retirement Community Center

Barb Robertson, Carolyn Richmond and Judy Salvaggio are busy packing duffle bags for the Burnet County Child Welfare

Saint Paul's Lutheran Church buzzed with enthusiasm as Linda Baker and her team worked to support the Blessings in a Backpack project.  Despite their organization partner being stuck in the Northeast due to a major winter storm, the "show must go on" attitude kicked in and they were able to pack 6-10 weeks of food for children in Burnet and Llano counties, finishing in a record time of two hours.  

Last year was our first event of this kind and we had 45 participants.  This year we will have 62 participants and almost double the number of projects.  Your efforts are so appreciated within our community.  Yes, the Service League is about serving and giving, but in addition to talking about service and giving to support service, we do.  We do!

If you had the opportunity to visit the Market Days event in downtown Marble Falls, you would have seen Cyrilla Ivey and her team of volunteers staffing the Library Thrift Store booth.  They had a great day of sales all to the benefit of our local library.

Over at the Methodist Church, the children's gym was stocked with teddy bears, toiletries, and other essential items that were being packed into duffle bags by an assembly line staffed by Judy Salvaggio and her group of Service league ladies...all for the care and comfort of the children who come into the care of Burnet County Child Welfare.  I would also like to mention that the incredibly nice bags that were used in the project were purchased with the grant funds that we provided to the agency.

Saturday, March 3rd is Community Service day

A successful day of Volunteering was had by all on Community Service Day

Volunteerism & Community Service

That banging sound coming from the Boys and Girls Club was the sound of Merrill Laurentz and her team giving away their Saturday morning to scrub pots and pans, clean floors, and organize shelves in the kitchen.  A hard, unglamorous job that was well done by the volunteers.  The Boys and Girls club can now serve meals for future events with greater ease and enjoyment.

Thank you for the incredible leadership and service that you showed through your participation in the 2018 Community Service Day, which occurred in the days leading up to, including Saturday, March 3rd and beyond.  Through the partnerships that we developed with each of our recipient organizations, each team leader had her project beautifully organized and clicking along.

Gail Teegarden packing teddy bears and other essential items.